Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rules For A Silent Auction Basket

A silent auction can be a pleasant fundraiser.

Silent auctions can be enjoyable and are a acceptable contrivance to uplift wealth for an construction. All silent auction items are donated; thereupon, the worth to the design having the auction is minimal. While rules for Everyone auction vary, it helps To possess a basic patient of what is and what is not allowed at silent auctions.

Items to be Auctioned

The especial items donated to a silent auction can vary, however limits may be fix by the forming. Some silent auctions are matter oriented. For instance, a silent auction to elevate coinage for a children's playground may hold a "kids" subject. This wealth that everything for sale at the auction Testament be for children. Some auctions compass rules of what items cannot be auctioned. These normally constitute personal objects. A discription of Everyone entity to be proffer on must be if to bidders either on the tender period or in conduct prospect adjacent to the stuff itself.

Bidders and Bids

Thanks to the advance is a legal Treaty between the bidder and the auctioneer, all bidders must be at least 18 age gray. A bidder must deposit his name (and bidding number if provided one) on the bid sheet along with the amount he wishes to bid. Names, bid numbers and bid amounts must be legible. Each bid must be higher than the previous one. Sometimes the minimum amount a bid can be raised is predetermined. Bidders are not allowed to scratch off, erase or otherwise remove the name and bid of another person. Bids cannot be made after an item is closed.

These may include the use of a blue or black ink pen for bid sheets, time limits for removing items won, personal identification required to participate and a list of personal property that may not be brought into the auction room. Additionally, there is often a disclaimer that states that the bidder must accept the item "as is" and dissolves the auction committee from any liability.

Usually, items must be paid for immediately and in cash. However, some auctions accept checks, money orders or credit cards.


If a conflict arises (such as identification of who the winning bidder is or if unfair tactics on the part of a bidder have been used), a member of the auction committee will determine the outcome of the controversy. All bidders must abide by the decision of the committee member.

Miscellaneous Rules

At the discretion of the auction committee, other rules can apply to silent auctions.

Winning Bids

Sometimes items have different close times, and sometimes all items in the auction close at the same time. Either way, at the close, the item goes to the highest bidder.