Thursday, November 26, 2015

Make A Byzantine Chain

Creating a Byzantine Chain is one of the easiest jewellery chains to bring about. Push a new ring through the newly created hole, and then add another ring to this new ring. Repeat this step to finish one segment of your chain. Keep weaving new segments until you've made your desired length.

Degree your wrist or the wrist of whomever you're forming the chain for with a folder. Then catch the borderline and assign it against a ruler to drive how extended your bracelet should be.

2. Assemble a twofold bell chain that is three links extensive by bewitching two canter rings and connecting them to two other jump rings and then connecting those jump rings to a third set.

3. Hold the first pair of rings, and then fold down the top pair of rings over either side of the middle pair. Push apart the rings you folded down, and then push the middle rings together.

4. You can either labour from a apparatus or acquire the pieces separately. Whatever habitude you choose, once you've mastered accomplish Byzantine Chains you can generate bracelets and necklaces for yourself and all of your friends.



5. Add a clasp to one end of your bracelet to finish your project.