Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Must Have Props For A Photography Studio

Advantage a youngster's favourite toy as a photo prop.

These hollow boxes come in several sizes and are useful for staging the individuals in the photo by height. The individuals can stand or sit on the boxes to help minimize the height differences between them.


Floral props, such as mixed flower arrangements, are always a useful addition to a photographer's prop collection. Use fresh flowers if the budget allows. If not, high-quality silk flowers will photograph just as well. For added interest, use crystal, ceramic or glass flowers.


Every photography studio that takes photos of families must maintain a stock of props for babies and children. Small toys and play items that lend a theme to the photo generally work best, such as a beach ball, shovel and sand pail for a beach-themed photo.

Hollow Boxes

Hollow boxes are essential for studios that take group photos.Experienced photographers subsume props into photo shoots to add array, elements of concern and to make a intact scene. While nearly any object is useable as a prop, there are a rare must own props for every photography studio.


Balloons are ideal props for children. Balloons not only engage and entertain the child; they also come in a variety of colors and make a great theme for a photo. The vibrant colors of the balloons also make a bold statement against a white studio background.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are useful when taking pictures of children or when taking pictures of musical professionals or hobbyists. Stock your studio with various inexpensive instruments such as small drums, flutes, harmonicas, bells and whistles.


Sports-themed photos are a common request for small children. Keep a stock of basketballs, baseballs, baseball mitts, soccer balls, footballs and other sports-related items.


Both children and adults enjoy the taking the occasional costume-themed photo. Use various costumes, hats and accessories in your studio, such as princess costumes for girls, Bob the Builder costumes for boys and western-themed costumes for adults.


Use a prop that will display the personality of your subject without overwhelming the photo. Make sure the prop matches the color and style of the subject's clothing as this will give the photo a timeless quality. The most effective props tell a story about the subject.