Monday, November 23, 2015

Techniques Of Vietnamese Silk Painting

Silk painting is general in Vietnam and reached its crest from 1925 to 1945. Distinct techniques include been developed, on the other hand the artists favoured dye on silk on account of it creates a cryptic, all the more soft, denouement that other mediums cannot positively appropriate.

Applying a Resist

By applying a water-based resist, or gutta, to silk material that has been washed, Dried apricot, and long, the areas with the utilize resist the stain and stay immaculate, the common colour of the silk. This approach is generally used for human figures, to liberty them a soft, clear colour. The parts of the silk that are then painted Testament obtain sharp lines and and dramatic colours. Some resists, or guttas, are coloured and meant to last on the delineation after it is finished, however the artist undarkened ones when the picture is finished.

Using a Stop-Flow Primer

A stop-flow primer helps garner the distemper in place, as it tends to run a little and soak deeply into the silk, making the lines much less crisp. For this painting technique, the silk needs to be pre-washed. No-flow or stop-flow primers are painted directly on the silk and allowed to dry before paint or ink is applied. They are a bit like starch to prepare the silk for painting, and wash out after the painting is finished. Use the highest quality Chinese silk for silk painting. Crepe de Chine is sought after for silk painting because of its even texture.

The silk should not be pre-washed for this technique, but it can be sprayed with water to help the paint spread even more. Place the silk between stretch bars to hold it firm.

Quality of Silk

The quality of the silk in silk painting determines the overall effect of the finished work. The quality of cocoons available determines the type of threads available for weaving the silk. The higher the quality of the silk, the clearer will be the colors and images on the Vietnamese silk painting. Do not use stretch bars when using a stop-flow primer.

Untreated Silk

If the silk is left untreated,the images will be soft and mysterious, without crisp lines, similar to a watercolor painting. The artist can even use spray bottles or eye droppers to apply the paint and soften the lines even more.