Thursday, November 26, 2015

Paint Curly Hair

With some chronology and patience, you can dye realistic looking curly hair.


1. Glance at the facsimile of the mortal or the alive adult of whom you are representation the curly hair.

Picture hair is ball-buster in that many crowd discharge not booty the chronology to Stare at hair as a combination of shapes, nevertheless rather go to emulsion every unmarried strand. Provided you Stare at someone's hair, you Testament exit to message that hair seems to fall in pieces or chunks: the bangs and every layer of hair has a discrepant shape to it. Once you are able to catch on hair in this journey, you Testament be able to colouring curly hair masterfully.

2. Dip your brush into any shade of paint which you want to use in the hair.

3. Add a few drops of water to the paint to thin it down.

4. Paint the basic shapes of the hair onto the head very lightly to capture the nature of the hair. Because this is curly hair, it will probably be somewhat round and large in shape. Focus on the top of the head and note the way that the hair swoops in either direction - where it is parted, whether it falls flat, and in what direction it moves.

5. Paint the general shapes that comprise the sides of the hair. Focus on the left and right sides individually, observing the differences. Leave the finer details for later.

6. Use multiple shades of color to create realistic looking hair. Layer the paint and note areas of light and dark in the subject. Certain chunks, or sections of hair will have different tones because of how the light hits it.

7. Paint the details of the hair. Continue to look for shapes and areas of color rather than individual strands. Add the finer details, including smaller areas of varying color, defined corkscrew-shaped pieces of hair, smaller wisps of hair that stick out around the silhouette and frame the front of the face.

8. Allow the paint to dry.

9. Add the finishing touches to continue to build on the texture and fullness of the curly hair until you have reached the desired result.