Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Make Your Own Wooden Kaleidoscope

A baby cannot resist the riddle of the kaleidoscope.

When you were a youngster, the question and fascination of the changing colours in the kaleidoscope captured your head for hours. Think manufacture a wooden kaleidoscope to pass on to the youngsters in your lifetime nowadays. It would still be boisterous to contain the children in the building transaction after you hold the wood abbreviate to amount.

This is a project that can be fictional with minimal info expense, on the other hand you Testament occasion a table aphorism with an adjustable blade angle.


1. Chop a lot of wood high Sufficiently to receive three equal lengths to assemble the kaleidoscope. Add one inch To admit for the thickness of the cuts.

2. Tilt the table aphorism blade 30 degrees elsewhere from the fence. Locate the fence distance so that the top line of the board conscientious touches the blade. Assemble a 30-degree abbreviate the length of the board. Turn the board approximately so the alike surface is against the Bedstead of the table maxim. Intersect a 30-degree angle along the length of the moment side.

3. Reduce three Identical lengths from the board. Temporarily situate them stable to form a triangular tube using rubber bands.

Remove the protective covering from the reflective side of the contact paper.6. Put wood adhesive on the angles and join the pieces to form a triangle. Wrap the tube tightly with blue masking tape to secure it while the glue dries. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the center and set it aside.

5. Take the rubber bands off the tube and measure the inside width of one of the sides. Cut three strips of reflective contact paper to size and adhere them to the inside of each board.4. Measure one side of the tube. Use that measurement to make a flat equilateral triangle for the eye piece. Use the fine-toothed handsaw to chop the 60-degree angles needed for the triangle.Test the fit to be sure that it covers the end so you have a surface for the wood adhesive.

Glue the eye piece on one end, and allow everything to dry overnight.

7. Pour sequins and small beads onto a frosted plastic lid that is slightly larger than the end of the tube. Use only enough to form a single layer loosely covering about 3/4 of the surface.

8. Cut a circle from a clear-plastic lid the size of the inner diameter of the frosted lid. Place it in over the beads lightly so they can move under the lid. Apply rubber cement around the inner edge of the frosted lid to adhere the clear plastic in place. Allow to dry.

9. Put rubber cement on the open end of the triangular tube. Press the lid container onto the glued area with the clear side against the tube. Allow to dry completely.

10. Rotate the tube as you look through it and watch the movement of the beads and sequins forming images on the reflective inner surface.