Friday, November 13, 2015

Sightseeing In Seoul Korea

Lanterns at Buddhist Temple, Seoul, Korea

Seoul, the important of South Korea, offers many at variance types of places for commonality To stay with. The popular transportation method in Seoul is excellent--taxis are cheap, and buses and the subway Testament bring you approximately the metropolis. The weather in Seoul is blistering and humid in the summer, and brisk in the winter. Spring and fall are the peak seasons To stay with this bustling megalopolis.

Shopping Areas

Path To stay with some of the shopping areas in Seoul for charismatic sightseeing experiences. A aware fish bazaar has everything from eels to turtles swimming all over in Tinplate wash buckets. The habitual medicine community contains many shops with herbs, bark and spices that the owners Testament mingle into a certain concoction provided you are suffering from a ailment akin a bleak. Open-air markets are conventional in Korea. The extensive Namdaemun marketplace is 600 dotage elderly and offers bargains on everything from clothing to watches. Morals the menu from street vendors while you are there. An arresting event approximately outdoor markets is Seoul is that many vendors simply involve their wares with tarps at night and very little stealing occurs.

North Seoul Tower

View Seoul and surrounding areas for miles around on a clear day from the North Seoul Tower, which is actually a television transmission tower. Driving access is not allowed to private cars, only to buses and deluxe taxis carrying foreigners. The tower has five levels with two observation decks. You can eat at one of two restaurants or one of the several snack shops. Souvenirs are also available.


See the splendor of the ancient palaces in Seoul. The Changdeokgung Palace is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.


A visit to Seoul would not be complete without visiting one of the many Buddhist temples. Many temples offer private or group retreats that include assisting the monks with grounds keeping, making prayer beads or lotus lanterns, eating simple Buddhist meals, partaking in tea ceremonies, and learning Zen chanting and meditation.

Go on group tours led by English-speaking guides and see performances of dance, Korean traditional opera and court music. Seoul's famous Secret Garden is on the Changdeokgung grounds and is a quiet respite from the crowds of Seoul. In the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongbokgung Palace was the king's home. It features a beautiful lotus pond with a pavilion.

You need to be in strong physical shape to sleep on mats on the floor, do the many prostrating bows and sit lotus style during meditation. All lights go out around 9 p.m., and bells will wake you around 3:00 a.m. If you are lucky enough To stay with a temple on Buddha's birthday or another Buddhist holiday, you will find scores of hanging lanterns, which are especially beautiful at night.