Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stage Fright Cures

Many noted performers enjoy suffered from phase Scare and bowled over it.

Donny Osmond suffers from period Scare to such an size that he once had a alarm foray on chapter. Barbra Streisand stopped singing in typical for 27 agedness after experiencing a bout of chapter Scare during a Concerto in Central Grassland in 1967. Whether you're prone to folio Scare, you're definitely not alone. Provided you horror while you're performing or speaking, one's damndest a infrequent tips to receive gone the mo.


Provided you acquire your performance down pat, you'll be exceeding viable to remembrance it and pick up the pieces much provided you effect familiarity a second of panic and your mind goes blank. In an article for "Psychology Today," Lybi Ma cites practical advice from Joseph O'Connor's book, "Free Yourself From Fears." Rehearse each minute of your performance or speech five times. Do it aloud and tune into the sound of your own voice. The better prepared you are and the more familiar your routine is, the more likely you will be able to pick up the reins again if you have a moment of stage fright and lose your place.

Deep Breathing

The American Seminar Academy recommends tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the calming part of your psyche, in contrast to your sympathetic nervous system, which starts pumping out stress hormones when you panic. A few deep, even breaths should kick your parasympathetic nervous system into gear and calm you down again. Avoid looking straight ahead. After awhile, you should be able to decentralize your vision without your hands to guide you. If you begin panicking on stage, mentally imagine that your hands are there and focus on them.

This may take some practice, however, because it involves using your peripheral vision. To receive the hang of it, place your hands on either side of your face, near your eyes. Try to Stare at your hands as you practice your speech or other aspect of your performance. The downside is that you'll have to stop speaking or performing for a few seconds to do it, and it may be noticeable to your audience.


Defocusing your eyes is another way to use your parasympathetic nervous system to receive you past a stage fright attack. The audience itself will go fuzzy and recede.

Eye Contact

If the size of the crowd out there beyond the stage overwhelms you, you can also try the opposite from defocusing. Concentrate and narrow in on just one person and pretend that the others aren't there. If that person begins to seem uncomfortable with your concentration, move on to someone else.