Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Make A Funny Hat

Clothing is a positive conduct to definite yourself. Decide on a idea for your funny bowler. Are you going to dash off an all-occasion gas trilby, or Testament this trilby be particular to an circumstance? Whether you are attending a particular business for a specific occasion, this will determine your theme. If you just want to make a general-purpose funny hat, you will have more to think about. Whether not, you can cause your own comical bowler to wear whenever you demand to target a stir.


1. When we yen to display that we parsimonious affair, we amuse dressed in formal incident attire--a appealing suit, a potato chip, collared shirt and individuality shoes. When we hankering to let Each be read we are ready to relax, we situate on our most worn and comfortable clothes and dispatch outside the communication "Hey, I'm relaxing." What create you cause when you need to direct your concept of humour? Due add a clever boater to whatever you are tiring. You might compass one in brainpower already. Come up with a funny word or short phrase that is fitting to the purpose you intend for your hat.

2. Buy a hat. All you need is a basic baseball hat with nothing added to it. The area upon which there would usually be a sports team insignia will become a blank canvas for your humor. If the hat is for use one time only, you can get away with buying something fairly inexpensive. However, you'll want to spend a little more money on something you plan to wear more than once to ensure that it is of a quality that will last. Make sure the hat you buy is comfortable and that it fits well. There is nothing funny about a funny hat that leaves you with a pounding headache because it does not properly fit!

3. Head to a craft store and pick up some fabric paint. If you are not very artistically inclined, you will do best with craft paint that comes as a marker. This will offer you the most control because it works just like a pen. If you have a bit of an artistic flair, go ahead and choose regular fabric paint and a good brush. Be sure to choose colors that will show up on the hat you have chosen. Light colors show up best on a dark hat, and dark colors work best on a light-colored hat.

4. Practice spelling out your word or phrase on a scrap piece of paper that you have measured and cut to replicate the size of the space you will be painting on your funny hat. This will help you decide what size you need to make your lettering so that it fits onto the hat.

5. Paint your funny word or phrase onto your hat once you are comfortable with the design on your practice paper.

6. Let the hat fully dry before wearing.