Monday, November 23, 2015

Make Your Own Custom Caricature

Make Your Own Custom Caricature

Caricatures are drawings of a person that dramatize physical and personality traits in either a sardonic or a Comical fashion. Delineation caricatures can be a agreeable idea for an artist to earn additional almighty dollar. Many artists determine caricatures at fairs and amusement parks. You might besides demand to cause custom caricatures for family and friends. If you fancy to frame caricatures for Income or boisterous, you can enroll to asset features in your subjects and appreciate them to build your own custom caricatures.


1. Erase the sections of your sketch that you intend to modify. This allows you to keep all of the other features. As you emphasize features (make the ears bigger, widen the forehead, fatten the lips) of your subject, you will retain all of her other features. The key is to make the subject recognizable even with modified features.

2. Examine the photograph and determine which features are most naturally prominent. If the subject's forehead seems a little high or his chin is a little long, those are the features you want to enhance. Do a rough sketch of the subject without emphasizing any features first. This will ensure that you have an accurate representation of the original look.

3. Choose a photograph to drudge from. It can be a photograph of a family member or buddy, a celebrity, or yet a photograph of yourself. Provided you hankering to author an genuine parody, examine basing it on a photograph on the other hand changing certain features to fit the caricature you want to create.

4. Draw the body on your caricature. Consider keeping the body small in relation to the head. Caricatures often have a bobblehead appearance. If your caricature is based on someone who has a specific style of dress, be sure to include that element in your drawing.