Thursday, November 19, 2015

Remove Car Wax From Plastic

Machine increase is a extended system to bring bright and style to your vehicle. But, van enlarge is peerless salutary when applied to the exterior protest whitewash of your vehicle. Provided an dismal error has led to grow Transplanting on your plastic bumpers or trim, then you viable posses an unsightly stain on your hands. Catechize your friends and district Car experts gratify rid of the stain and you're practicable to receive a departure of native remedy suggestions. Here is just one of those remedies that has been proven effective:

Simply apply the wax remover using a sponge and wipe the stain with a circular motion until it is completely disappeared. Once removed, use soap and water to remove any residue left by the wax remover.

The peanut oil found in peanut butter contains mild acids such as palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid that work to collapse and remove the wax. Apply the peanut butter to the wax stain and let it sit for a few minutes. If you don't have peanut butter you can also use 100% pure peanut oil.

2. Use a brush to scrub the peanut butter into the stain. The friction of the brush and the oil in the peanut butter will combine to remove the stain.

3. Use soap and water to remove the excess peanut butter and check to see if the wax stain has vanished from the plastic. If not, apply more peanut butter and try again. Tough stains may take several attempts.

4. If peanut butter fails to do the trick, head to your local automotive store and pick up a water-based car wax remover such as Wax Blaster.


1. It may sound odd, but creamy peanut butter is the key to removing car wax from plastic.