Thursday, November 5, 2015

Play Sand Characteristics

Play Sand Characteristics

Sand is not all the twin, and provided you are purchasing play sand for your infant's sand box, it should gain the exactly play and safety characteristics. Some sand can harm children. That's why you should obtain prepackaged safety play sand rather than going to a beach or sand chasm and digging it up.

Low Dust

Play sand has a low dust consistent. You determine not yen a sand that creates dust owing to it's unhealthy for children breathe it. Proof details on the bag to insure the dust level is low.

Hold its Form

When the play sand is dampened, it should be able to be molded into shapes, such as a sand castle, and hold its form.

Silica Warning

Sand contains crystalline silica, a colourless mineral besides called quartz. The dust from crystalline silica has been tied to lung cancer. Cook confident your play sand contains amorphous silica, which does not retain the crystalline constitution and is not considered a cancer-causing agent.

Clothes Staining

Ferrous oxide is form in some sands. It is innocuous at the low levels that sand contains, but it can stain clothes. Buy play sand without the chemical.


Play sand should be free from dirt or bacteria. It should be washed and dried by the manufacturer. Check the label to ensure this occurred.

Grain Shape

The sand granule should be sub-rounded to avoid abrasion. This is hard to see with the naked eye, but it should say so on the bag.

Grain Size

Sand To erect a castle or other "constitution" needs To possess positive granules. Sand for cushioning should be medium grain. Whichever type you amuse, proof to glare that the grains are uniform.