Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Draw Disney Cuties

Choose an Craft eraser to prevent crepuscular smudges from pencil example.

Disney Cuties are baby-like images of the traditional characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy and Winnie the Pooh. These manageable images carry soft rounded curves and further minor detailing. Everyone frame is a bold border represantation analogous to a colouring tome leaf drawing. The characters bear considerable eyes and are coloured in with basic solid colouring without shading. Compose Disney Cuties using an Craft pencil and manageable shapes coloured in with pencils.


1. Stare at the picture of the Disney Cuties bent to be taut. Note the lucid shapes. For instance, Minnie Mouse is a series of circles and a triangle. Her head is a large circle with two ear circles. The body which is wearing a skirt is a triangle shape.

2. Draw a circle for the head area on the paper.

3. Draw the guideline in with a light pencil line which will be erased later. According to Dragoart's website it helps to draw a guideline on the face to align the eyes, nose and mouth properly. The guideline is a pie-shaped ring that is divided into four pieces. The point where the four pieces join is the center point between the eyes.

4. Adjust the shape of the face by elongating the chin or shaping the cheeks. Add a snout, eyebrows, nostrils and mouth. Gently erase the guideline marks with the art eraser.9.

This may be an oval, rectangle or triangle For instance.

6. Draw the legs or body of the Disney Cutie. Add the feet or shoes.

7. Draw the clothing and hats.

8. Draw the two eyes at an equal distance from one another using the guideline. Use the eraser to rub out the portions of the face circle that are no longer needed. Draw ears and hair on the head.5. Lightly sketch in the shape of the body or legs.

Add in any finishing touches. Color in the drawing with colored pencils.