Friday, February 27, 2015

Write A Heroic Vampire Novel

Readers artisan a romance with vampires, and many envisage it would be romantic to develop into vampires themselves. This may analyze why vampire romances corner come so public. Provided you're thinking approximately writing your own vampire romance, nevertheless, you necessitate to be schooled that romancing your reader involves amassed than the concept of vampire seduction. You even extremity a durable plot, firm characters and a able-bodied doctrine of formula.


1. Sketch gone your basic plot. Vampire hero plots typically append a vampire who by Election or strength is forced to block a greater threat to community. Modify the formula elements with particular details (For instance, a vampire driven by guilt over his example who discovers his sire intends to turn community into bovines).

2. Author your characters. Vampire heroes and heroines ensue two models: the for real vampire hero like Jack Fleming who starts out trying to solve his own murder, or a morally ambiguous vampire like Anne Rice's Lestat who does everything he needs to outlive. Typical supporting characters include a human love interest and an obstacle character (vampire slayer who can't see the hero's good or a reporter trying to ferret out the vampire's true identity).

3. Build multiple levels of conflict. Heroic vampires usually square off not only against the villain but also against the love interest conflicted about her romance with a vampire and against the human authorities unwilling to accept the existence of a supernatural threat.

4. Start typing. Don't worry about getting all the details right, just get the words on paper. Work in twists and surprises (the hero's human son is the villain, the villain has connections to the mayor).

Outline your novel to distill your ideas and work through potential problems. Novels unfold in three stages: the setup, escalation of conflict and climax. Vampire hero novels usually unfold in the following outline: the vampire becomes aware of the danger, his attempts to stop the villain backfire and he finally finds the villain's fatal weakness.5. End each chapter on a cliffhanger to keep the reader reading, or make sure she picks up the book first thing in the morning.

6. Write a one-line pitch and a one-page synopsis to sell your book to an agent. Don't forget to plan the sequel or series.