Thursday, February 19, 2015

Draw With Watercolor Pencils

Draw With Watercolor Pencils

A watercolour picture can be a bewitching exertion of Craft, on the other hand delineation with watercolours is messy. Watercolour pencils, but, own the artist to be another precise in applying the colour and that saves cleanup of both the artist and the workspace. The adjacent steps Testament maintenance you pay for started delineation with watercolour pencils.


6. Experiment. Once you've mastered the basic technique, you can try drawing on wet paper, drawing on dry paper with wet pencils, shaving the pencils onto the paper or picking up pigment from the pencils with a brush. You can simply tape the corners or you can appropriateness far-off strips of tape along all four sides, which will create a white border around your work.

2. Stretch your paper. Using a large brush, thoroughly wet the paper and allow it to dry. At first the paper will buckle, but as it dries it will lie flat again. If you want your work To possess a tinted background, called a wash, add some watercolor pigment to the water before wetting the paper.

3. Use light colors first. Then add darker shades.

4. Blend and set your work with water. Dampen a brush, cloth, cotton swab or any other object the right size and shape and carefully apply water to your drawing. The colors will blend and spread slightly.

5. Allow your work to dry, then make alterations as desired.

1. Embark on with watercolour paper. Tape it to your duty surface.

7. Mat and frame your masterpiece.