Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sell Tshirts At Music Festivals

If you are a novice Shade printer or an established calling owner, selling T-shirts at a ragtime festival can be a lucrative endeavor. Ragtime festivals can be immense or inconsiderable, and Everyone festival has its own vendor requirements. Preparation and planning are decisive elements that any vendor should be cognizant of when attempting to sell T-shirts at a ragtime festival.


Selling T-shirts at Music Festivals

1. Obtain to be informed the heads in charge. Treasure trove absent who is coordinating the orchestration festival where you require to sell your T-shirts. The potency to network with melody festival promoters and coordinators is an invaluable skill that Testament benefit you reap many intangible benefits. Lifetime on a first-name rationale with contradistinct classical festival promoters might cooperation you arouse greater booths in prime locations. Familiarize yourself with the bands that Testament be playing at the rhythm festival. Request the harmonization festival coordinators how many heads are expected to be in attendence. This bleeding heart of advice gives you an conclusion of how many and what altruistic of T-shirts you Testament appetite to sell at the music festival. If you are selling T-shirts for the first time at a music festival, it is important to make a good showing. It helps to present yourself in a professional manner. Try your best not to be difficult or have a self-important attitude because this might earn you an unfavorable reputation among music festival promoters.

2. Complete your vendor application. Most music festivals require all vendors to complete a vendor application. The vendor application consists of questions such as your name, business name and type of business. In addition, many music festivals require vendors to pay a deposit. Your deposit reserves your spot as a T-shirt vendor at the music festival.

3. Determine what size booth you will need. Larger booths cost more. Know that you always will not receive your desired location or booth size. The size of your booth plays a critical role in determining how you will display your T-shirts. This will allow you to service customers much faster, especially if you lack manpower.5. Record all your sale transactions.

Set up your T-shirt display. Make sure you put your hottest-selling T-shirts clearly on display for all potential customers to see. Organize your T-shirt inventory according to sizes. If this is your first time selling T-shirts at a music festival, it might be to your advantage to share booth space with another vendor. This will allow you to gain experience and save a few dollars on booth rent. If you decide to share booths with another vendor, make sure to negotiate your portion of the booth rent and how much space you will be given to sell your T-shirts.4.

You can purchase a receipt book from stores such as Staples or Office Depot. Your receipt book should provide a copy of the transaction for you and your customer. Keeping accurate sales records will help you determine how many T-shirts you sold by the end of the music festival. It is a good idea to have business cards available to market your T-shirt business. You might get sales from passing out your business card after the music festival has ended. Remember to network with promoters and event coordinator for future opportunities.