Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Much Money Can A Good Comic Book Artist Make

Comedian tome artists frame characters and settings.

A comedian book artist creates the characters and backgrounds for a comedian textbook or for graphic novels. The artist presents a thesis, such as caliginous and foreboding or an Stranger Earth. The artist and presents the characters in a form that transmits the warmth of the beat. For humble publications, the artist is further repeatedly chargeable for writing and conte addition.

Salary Information

Many factors push into determining a comedian album artist's pay. Whether the artist is the writer, he may collect aggrandized bill. On the other hand, the elder aberration in salary is the popularity of the comic book. According to the business journal "Portfolio," top artists can earn approximately $1,000 per page of artwork. Best-selling comic books are typically released monthly and are usually 22 pages. To obtain a job, you will need to create a portfolio of work. However, according to "Portfolio," there are only 100 comic book artist positions.

Average Pay

The U.S.

So, a top yearly salary can reach $264,000, though "Portfolio" indicates a cap at around $250,000 a year for top artists.


To garner top wages, you must be a popular and talented artist.

Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a multimedia artist or an animator makes around $56,000 a year. The low end of the salary range is approximately $32,000. Often, comic book artists and other types of artists are not full-time employees and may not receive benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans.

Additional Benefits

If a comic book becomes popular, it is often transformed into a movie or other animated production such as a cartoon. If the artist created the comic book or made an agreement for a royalty of the profits, the money can be extraordinary.