Friday, February 27, 2015

Make A Moss Covered Flower Pot

You can embrace flower pots with moss.

Moss, the Screen amatory, foliate velvet of the consistent creation, offers visual calmness and serenity wherever it grows. It's the genuine comprehension moss is repeatedly used in Japanese gardens. When you look it growing on flower pots we deem of laughable English gardens besides. We living in a hurry-up macrocosm where everything is supposed to happen expeditious. If you've decided you'd like a moss-covered flower pot, it's going to take time for it to grow naturally. There is a way, however, to receive green moss on your flower pots today.


1. Coat the outside of the flower pot with spray adhesive.

Stretch rubber bands over the outside of the flower pot and leave them in place until the spray adhesive and hot glue completely cure.

3. Use a hot glue gun to secure the moss in spots where more hold is required.

4.2. Place sheet moss over the surface and press it in place. Use scissors to cut and fit it to the shape of the flower pot.