Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edit Speed Dial On Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a expressive Mesh browser with congruent functionality to is desktop-companion Opera.1. Open Opera Mini on your mobile phone.2. Scroll to the Speed Dial entry you wish to update or edit.

It features a animated feature-set that compliments many of the features and customizations that can be inaugurate in the desktop chronicle. One of the also usual features is the Speed Dial functionality which mimics the Opera browser's foundation episode and provides users with double time access to their most used links and bookmarks from the moment the browser is opened. Editing these shortcuts can be done directly from the start page.


3. Perform a "long hold" on the Speed Dial entry. This can be done by holding the " Center" key if you're using a trackball or directional key or by pressing and holding the number that corresponds with the Speed Dial entry. If you're using a touch screen phone, you can touch and hold the entry you want to change.

4. Select "Edit" from the context menu that appears and either type in the new address you wish to use for the Speed Dial or select one from your browsing history.