Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Use An Ipod Touch With A Nikon D90 Camera

Extend the functionality of your Nikon D90 by controlling it with an iPod touch.

The D90 is a DSLR camera produced by Nikon. It is likely to remotely governance a Nikon DSLR camera from an iPod touch by using the Camera Remote software from OneOnOne. Thanks to the software requires that the camera be plugged into a pc on the equivalent Wi-Fi network as the iPod touch, controlling the D90 with an iPod touch may peerless be practicable in studio settings, rather than gone in the earth. As of May, 2011, this software was available as a autonomous edition or a crack edition for $19.99.


1. Turn on the camera.

2. Plug the Nikon D90 camera into the pc using the USB connector cable that is included with your camera.

3. Dehiscent the OneOnOne DSLR Camera Remote software.

4. Capture where you would prize to save your images on the software central Shade. Analysis to flash that Nikon D90 is displayed at the top of the Shade as the camera representation.

Click on the "My Server."7. Choose the shutter speed and the aperture settings.8.

5. Trial that the iPod touch is on the identical Wi-Fi network as the personal computer.6. Open the Camera Remote app on the iPod touch.

Press the "Fire" button on the iPod touch app when you are ready to take a picture.