Thursday, October 15, 2015

Put Tips On A Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy Pen

A calligraphy pen Testament come with indefinite parts. You Testament hold a pen holder, which can be trumped-up of plastic or wood. There are pen nibs, which you Testament be inclined to envision of as pen tips.5. Put the reservoir on after the nib is seated into the pen.

1. Lay your pen parts on the table. Choose the pen nib that you thirst to employment for your calligraphy project. It Testament corner a quantity of metal that goes with it. This is the reservoir that helps to hold the ink or paint.

2. Look for the metal grips in the top of the pen holder. There are two open areas in the metal that are the inserts for pen nibs.

3. Notice the line that is molded into the pen nib.

4. Use your fingertips to push the pen nib or tip into the metal slot of the pen holder up to the line that is molded into the nib. Hold the base of the nib when inserting it into the holder.

Reservoirs are humble metal coverings for the nibs. They compass flaps that Testament appropriate the nib and stay in habitat to grasp ink or colouring. It takes a infrequent picnic steps to assign the tips or nibs into a calligraphy pen.