Thursday, October 29, 2015

Doityourself Word Stencils

Stencils cure to practise send vastness and style uniform throughout assorted uses.

2. Chalk the consultation you are creation a stencil of with a thick, chiseled-edge marker on a piece of card stock. The thickness of the marker will make the letters thick enough to cut out to create a stencil.3. Expression stencils can be used to add a decorative repeated limit on walls, to brew up posters and for painted-on signs.


1. Unpaid off an fossil table that you don't brains poor or deposit a cutting board on a sturdy counter top or table.

Adding a consultation or phrase to an Craft project or familiar decor belongings is simpler when you hold a stencil. While dispatch stencils are widely available, it can be crucial to extent them equitable Everyone eternity you capitalization them. Instead, constitute a stencil of a particular consultation from card inventory, which is heavier than accepted paper.

Tape the edges of the card stock to the surface you are working on with masking tape.

4. Cut along the outside edges of the letters in the word with a craft knife. For the letters a, b, d, e, g, o, p or q, leave a strip of card stock connected between the center of the letter and the edge of the paper around the letter. This will leave the center of the letter blank when you use the stencil.

5. Pull the letters out along the cut edges. Pull slowly to avoid ripping the stencil if some of the cuts did not go through the card stock completely. If you find that you have some pieces that are still stuck to the stencil, use the craft knife to cut them free.

6. Remove the tape from the card stock carefully to avoid ripping the stencil. The stencil can now be used to transfer the word onto any surface with markers, paint or other media.