Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Make Paper Geometric Shapes

Cause coloured paper to practise a 2-D or 3-D geometric shape.

Production two-dimensional geometric shapes gone of paper is a no sweat occupation, on the contrary production three-dimensional shapes takes a elfin else contemplation. Go after a scarce steps to design well-proportioned paper shapes in 2-D or 3-D.


Creating Two-Dimensional Paper Geometric Shapes

1. Decide which geometric shapes you Testament be modeling with your paper. Again, decide how extensive the shapes Testament be.

2. Spare extent for many shapes to be divide from a unmarried lot. You can and handle one group of paper per shape.

3. Corner a ruler or straight-edge on the paper and frame a straight edge. This is the early side of the shape.

4. Repeat this process, drawing another line in a direction that allows you to create your desired shape. Draw as many lines as are necessary to complete the shape.

Creating Three-Dimensional Geometric Shapes

8. Finish tracing the net and use scissors to cut it out.9.

6. Create your own net for your desired shape by tracing the base of the figure. Often, this is a square.

7. Trace another geometric shape (one per side of the base) around the traced base. For example, a square pyramid net consists of a square base and four triangles traced around the base.

5. Learn the meaning of a geometric "net." A net is an unfolded, segmented version of the 3-D shape. To make this kind of shape, you must trace the two-dimensional shape many times in such a way that the paper can be symmetrically folded together to produce the target figure.

Crease the straight lines around the base of the shape. Fold the surrounding shapes above the base such that they meet above the base. Tape the edges together with enough tape so the shape remains 3-D.