Monday, December 7, 2015

Turn An Ice Cream Stick Into A Key

Sincere your front door with an chill cream stick.

More a novelty trick than a genuine substitute for a spare key, it is possible to fashion an ice cream stick into an implement to open your front door. Since you need the original to create the copy, an ice cream will not come to your rescue if you have misplaced your key. Still, you can have a lot of fun impressing your friends with this neat trick.

Make a charcoal rubbing of the key's ridges with the pencil.2. Remove the key from the paper. Cut out the charcoal rubbings of the key and glue them to the ice cream stick, one on each side.


1. Fold the paper over the the metal part of your front door key.

3. Press the tip of the knife onto the shaded sections of the paper, creating indentations on the ice cream stick identical to those on the original key. Cut a straight ridge down the middle of the ice cream stick with the knife.

4. Insert the ice cream stick into the front door lock. Twist it carefully and you will find that the door opens just as it would if you were using a key.