Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Make A Playing Card Costume

Putting on a costume is a excessive approach to deliberate your inherent personality and inner creativity. A costume can grant you to assume any role you intention from princess to pirate to Head of the state. Costumes can purchased or homemade. A homemade costume allows for lots of options. You can impress complicated or life for a exceeding straightforward gaze. A intelligible costume can be easily be deposit cool from commonplace household items to cook you glom akin a walking playing card.


A good design should be clearly visible from a few feet away and take up all areas of the oak tag.2. Color in the design on the oak tag with markers.1. Attract your chosen representation in pencil on two sizeable pieces of white oak tag. The design can be simple such an Ace of Spades or more complicated such as a King or Queen of Hearts.

Black will show up best against a white background.

3. Paint a coat of light shellac to the finished design to maintain it. The shellac will help the oak tag mimic the look of real playing cards.

4. Cut strips of black cardboard out that will fit over your shoulders. The strips should be wide enough so that they fit comfortably.

5. Attach the strips of cardboard to the two pieces of oak tag. You can use glue, tape or staples.