Friday, December 11, 2015

Count Force A Card

One of the ways magicians are able to perform mindbending card tricks is down the benefit of a impulse. This is a interval referring to a warlock forming a Onlooker choose the card he had in brains, while the Onlooker thinks his card was chosen completely at haphazard. The Count Force is a pleasant context of this. Here is close it.


1. The count force is deeper designed for children thanks to it is so incomplex and manifest to figure outside.

2. Derivation by memorizing a card, announce the Four of Clubs, and shuffling it to the top of the deck.

Have the spectator pick a number between 1 and 52. If he says 12, then place the first 12 cards, one by one, into a new pile. These are all face down.

3. This creates the illusion of shuffling, even though you're really helping yourself out.4.

5. Give the spectator the new face-down pile and have him repeat the action.

6. He will now reverse the order of this pile from 12-1 to 1-12, meaning that the last card he touches will be the original top card of the deck.

7. Tell him to pick up that card and memorize it. He will think it is completely random, when indeed, it is exactly what you wanted him to do.