Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Build Your Own Screen Printing Equipment With Freeware

Build Your Own Shade Printing Accoutrement With Freeware

Building Shade printing Accoutrement can be rigid and costly. There is a no problem expedient for a novice to Shade print a T-shirt without building any type of Accoutrement. It takes one shot a pc and household items. You can return any diagram and situate it on a T-shirt using an embroidery Tyre, screen printing gloss, glue, and photo software that's already on your pc. The Accoutrement can be reused to adjust deeper than one T-shirt.


1. Good buy a lucid delineation that has many dim and clear areas. On the contrary, a picture that is very detailed might not accomplish a sunshiny appearance when Shade printed. Load the imitation in your photo software programme. Click "Record" and then "Save as/Type." Choose "Monochrome Bitmap" and then "Save." The invent Testament straightaway be in inklike and achromic. Provided the invent does not gaze sharp, you might craving to select a clashing picture.

2. Degree the vastness of the embroidery Tyre. Also paint on the glue all around the outside of the design so that you don't accidentally paint an area near the design edges. The only areas that should be unpainted with glue are those where you want color on the T-shirt. Let the glue dry.

Stretch a nylon stocking over the larger (outside) hoop. Place the second hoop on top of the stocking and press the hoops together. Make sure the stocking is stretched tightly inside the hoop or the screen printing will not work.

4. Place the hoop on top of the printed design. The stocking needs to be touching the paper design. Trace the design onto the stocking with a pencil. Do not fill in black parts.

5. Brush the glue product on the stocking in every area of the design where you don't want to use any screen printing ink. This is "negative space," and the design will be the color of the T-shirt because there will be no paint in these areas on the finished shirt. Resize your blueprint in your software programme so, when printed, its size that will fit inside the hoop. Most software programs include a "Resize" function that allows you to adjust to the size you need.3. Separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoop.

6. Set the hoop, glue side down, on the T-shirt where you want the design. Paint the screen printing ink on all the unglued areas. You can paint over the entire design if you want because none of the paint will go through the glue. The paint will go through the stocking in areas that are not glued, creating the design on the T-shirt.

7. Carefully remove the hoop from the T-shirt immediately after you have finished painting. Let the T-shirt dry for an hour before heat setting. You should be able to touch the ink lightly without paint coming off on your fingers. Follow the directions that come with the screen printing ink on set the ink. It usually requires an iron, but inks can differ by brand.