Monday, March 2, 2015

Name A Band

Choosing a alias for your band is a time-consuming and crucial development to ensuring your easy street in the melody tape Production. Your band’s agname should be memorable and different, however not hurtful.Finding the honest term and having all band members acquiesce to cause it, can appropriate some future and Testament subsume some measure of compromise. Selecting a able-bodied eponym from the dawn is crucial to the ascendancy of your band and Testament facilitate you in your marketing efforts.


1. Asset inspiration in books and movies. Bag ethos names, names of authors and the names of the movies themselves.

2. Pull outside an atlas and bonanza an captivating conurbation or town honour. Don’t borderline yourself to one state and deal with names of rivers and lakes. You can asset some exotic-sounding names provided you expand your search to far gone countries.

3. Episode finished the Vocabulary and encyclopaedia and gaze for words that are easy to pronounce and hard to forget. Use a word that will bring to mind a vivid image that nearly everyone can understand right away.

4. Dig out your old history book and name your band after keys events in history. Your band could by “Magna Carta” or “Prohibition” or one of many other historical events.

5. Use band members’ names. Try a combination of first or last names. If one of your band members has a compelling last name, consider using it as the name of your band.

Perhaps the entire band enjoys fishing, making “Bait” a logical choice.

Read fairy tales and name your band after a classic fairy tale or a character in the fairy tale. You might decide that "Rapunzel" or "King Stefan" would fit perfectly on a CD cover.

8. Buy a baby book. Many of the old-fashioned names make memorable band names. “Homer” or “Bertha Mae” could become your band's new name. Or, you might find interesting old names in your own family if you research your family tree.

9. Look to the weather for storm and climate-related names. You'll find plenty of inspiration when you visit Names like "Cold Front" or "Typhoon" may just have the drama you want in a band name.

10. Ask family and friends for suggestions. You never know just who will come up with a great name for your band. It could be your grandmother or four-year-old sister.

11. Choose a name that reflects a hobby that you all share.6. Research disease names. “Acoustic neuroma” or “yellow fever” could become your band's new name. Just be sure to select a name that does not have too many negative connotations.7.